Wednesday, 18 January 2017


Once upon a time...

Nah, just kidding! It felt like just yesterday I was enjoying the salty sea breeze blowing in my face as I stood by the beach, played with the water and built castles in the air about studying there. 

And today, I am back in Hyderabad, sitting at the computer suffering from writers' block holding a steaming cup of elixir(my coffee)...Yeah right! I am definitely not suffering from writers' block. 😀 

Essentially, Pondicherry is a place of absolute peace and nature. Sure there is the town but it is never as hectic as major cities like Mumbai or Delhi. Pondicherry has everything from street vendors to high-class shops, from small inns to huge 5-star hotels, from chicken to fish, from cabbage to zucchini, from...Halt! Too many 'froms'!  What I mean is that Pondicherry has everything you can ask for. It even has this bakery called Baker's Street (Sherlock Holmes reference). It is a French bakery which has the best ginger cookies. They are just très impressionnant! 

The part I loved the most is either the beaches or the streets. They were pretty clean and neat. A night in the city or by the beach is amazing. 

A note for the fashion lovers out there- this is a place that you've GOT to go has a two storey Vera Moda outlet and a HUGE Hidesign outlet. I bought two limited edition Christmas dress that wasn't so expensive and honestly, I never regretted buying those dresses. 

Pondicherry is called the "Ville des Rythmes". The very title suggests the major influence of French on this proud union territory. 

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